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The Envisioning phase of SMIís strategic planning and implementation process is designed to help you clarify and communicate your organizationís purpose and future direction. The five components of this phase involve reviewing your mission, creating an inspiring vision, securing commitment of internal stakeholders, establishing goals and measures of success.

Whether you need all five components of the Envision phase or assistance in just one area, SMI can help. The services we provide to help you envision and articulate your future include:
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1 Concise Mission

2 Inspiring Vision
Does your mission succinctly capture the true purpose of your organization? Can it be recited by every employee? If not, we can help you create a mission statement that is succinct and yet reflective of the reason why your organization exists.
Does your vision inspire the organization to reach for success? Do all of your internal stakeholders know the organizationís vision and how they contribute to it? SMI can help you determine if your vision statement resonates with your Board, leaders, employees, and others. And, we will facilitate the creation of a vision that captures the essence of your desired future state.
5 Organizational Commitment
4 Quantifiable Success Metrics
3 Powerful Goals
Does your organization have too many goals? Using our approach you will identify five or six goals that support your mission and move you towards your vision. Although narrowing your focus to only a few goals is not an easy task, clients remark that this process helps to remove ambiguity around priorities.
Will you know when you reach your goals? If you have established measures of success, do they encourage you to reach beyond your organizational comfort zone? We are experts at assisting not-for-profits to identify success metrics that establish them as best-in-class.
Do all of your leaders actively support each goal? Does everyone within the organization know what the goals are? One uncommitted leader, even if only passively indifferent, can bring progress to a halt. And, if your people are unsure of the goals, then how can they be expected to help you achieve them? SMIís process aligns your senior leadership around the goals. Additionally, we create a communication plan to cascade goals and metrics throughout all levels of the organization.
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