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Too many strategies for the organization to handle, including detailed tactics, or adding projects that only remotely support the goals are common mistakes in defining organizational strategies. SMI facilitates the creation of goal-specific strategies, while helping you avoid these common missteps.
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Vision and goals alone will not move your organization ahead. We have seen many organizations develop a great strategic plan, but then fail to make progress towards their goals. The aim of the Execution phase is to help you implement strategies and practices that will generate the desired outcomes; that is, to create an execution mindset. The Execution phase emphasizes the development of strategies, the use of action plans, and monitoring of progress while simultaneously building leadership team effectiveness and a healthier culture.
1 Explicit Strategies
2 Action Planning Process
3 Monitoring Systems
4 Leadership Effectiveness
5 Mission-Driven Culture
Once you have identified the priority strategies, how do you translate them into reality? SMI introduces clients to our Action Plan Framework that not only identifies the steps, due dates and responsibilities, but that also reinforces leader commitment to your goals. Leaders who routinely use Action Plans find that the plans help them to prioritize activities and encourage them to concentrate on activities that will deliver the best results.
A critical piece to the execution of your strategies is the development of periodic progress evaluation. We help you create systems to periodically monitoring progress on Action Plans and on your success metrics.
The senior leaders of your organization are ultimately responsible for the success of the strategies and of the organization as a whole. Unfortunately many senior leadership teams are plagued by turf wars, lack of communication, and other dysfunctions that impede success. Improving teamwork and effectiveness at the senior level is imperative to the execution process. SMIís leadership effectiveness consulting creates an atmosphere of trust, heightened commitment to the team, and greater attention to organizational results.
The culture within an organization also wields a great deal of influence on your ability to create an execution mindset. Internal stakeholders who have high positive morale typically are highly productive and loyal to your organization. SMI can show you how to re-connect your internal customers to the passion for your mission and to their desire to contribute to the organizationís success.
SMI offers the following Execution services, either as a whole or just the steps you need:
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