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Too many not-for-profits measure success based mainly on the outcome of their year-end financial reports. While financial health is essential, it should not be the primary means of assessing the achievements of not-for-profit organizations. At SMI, we use your mission, vision and goals to guide the creation of a balanced assessment of organizational achievements. The steps in the Achieve phase involve measuring results, holding leaders accountable, and celebrating your success.
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Measuring actual results and comparing them to your success metrics and annual targets is a critical step in moving your organization forward. Not only does results measurement give you a status report, it provides an opportunity to discuss what is working, what isnít working, and what no longer fits.

Another aspect of results measurement that is frequently overlooked is the need to share your results - all results - with the entire organization. Your people need to feel included, so donít hold back. Our scorecard approach is simple, direct, and promotes transparency. SMI can also help you determine what next steps should be based on the results and provide guidance on the most appropriate way to cascade results throughout the organization.
1 Results Measurement
2 Accountability
3 Celebration
For some people, the term accountability conjures up images of reprimands and even firing. Accountability should never be used as a stick, but rather it should be the carrot that encourages people to strive to do their very best. SMI can show you how to implement systems that hold your people accountable for results, but that also gives them the tools they need to improve performance.
Now that youíve measured your results, whatís next? Chances are you wonít have met all of your targets; you may have even fallen far short on several. But, you need to show your appreciation for the work that was done towards all your goals, and most specifically on those goals that met or exceeded target. SMI shows clients how to communicate results and how to celebrate your success as a way to reinforce your mission-based culture and motivate continued commitment to your goals.
Whether you need help in all areas of the Achieve section or just one, SMI can help you with tools such as:
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