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Strategic Management Initiatives appreciates that as a not-for-profit organization your Mission is at the heart of everything you do. For that reason, we utilize a mission-based approach to assist not-for-profits to clarify their goals and strategies and to achieve measurable results. But, we also understand the real-life operational and financial challenges that often face not-for-profits. Using our mission-driven methodologies, Strategic Management Initiatives will help you succeed in today’s tough economic climate, while remaining faithful to your true purpose.

 Why SMI?

1.  Not-for-profits are our
only business.
2 . Our clients find our
strategic planning process
simple & straightforward.
3.  Our clients achieve
greater effectiveness and
renewed focus on Mission.
Mission-Driven Success
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Within the not-for-profit sector our clients include:

Our values are not empty words that hang on a wall, but values we practice every day. Each client relationship is built upon: